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7강 Jess took another step forward. The ground fell with unexpected sharpness, and the water level seemed to jump from her knees to her waist. She stopped for a moment and anxiously scanned the river before her. Her legs started to shake and she felt her body stiffen. And this was an unknown river. There could be reeds, or other dangers she didn’t know about. She was concerned that as a townie, she’d little experience of the countryside, and none at all of swimming in rivers. It didn’t look safe enough but she didn’t want to turn back. She took a deep breath and pushed herself into the water. It felt nice and cool, not as freezing as when she had first stepped into it. The water seemed to welcome and embrace her. She liked the clean, luxuriant feeling as she swept down with the current.
1. I had been walking along in silence for so long that I had almost forgotten what my own voice sounded like. My knees were tired; my toes were beginning to ache. All of a sudden, I felt hungry. It wouldn’t be too much longer until I arrived at the small town where I had reserved a room. As soon as I get there, I’ll go and have a hot meal, I thought, slightly quickening my pace. Suddenly, just as I came to a bend in the road that led back into a slightly more remote part of the mountain, beyond the reach of the street lights, I was overcome by an extremely unpleasant sensation. I had the illusion that space itself had bent gelatinously out of shape, so that no matter how long I walked, I would never make any progress.
2. Manohar was struggling to push his way towards the entrance when he suddenly realized that his son, Pali was not holding his finger. His wife, Kaushalya had already managed to enter the lorry. Manohar felt the sensation of the child’s grip still lingering on his hand. Everybody was madly pushing from behind. There was a babble of sounds, and the crowd got more frantic with the passing of every moment. The camp managers shouted at the top of their voices, urging the passengers to hurry up and get into the lorries. They had to cross the border before the nightfall. When Manohar failed to find Pali, he became very anxious. He rushed back crying, “Pali, Pali!” but failed to get any response. Alarmed, he started running frantically alongside the lorries, which had started leaving one by one.
3. There was a fierce jam on the road. Every five minutes the traffic would tremble, we’d move a foot, hope would rise, then the red lights would flash on the cars ahead of me, and we’d be stuck again. Everyone honked. Every now and then, the various horns, each with its own pitch, blended into one continuous wail that sounded like a calf taken from its mother. Fumes filled the air. Smoke of blue exhaust glowed in front of every headlight; the exhaust grew so fat and thick that it could not rise or escape, but spread horizontally, sluggish and glossy, making a kind of fog around us. Matches were continuously being stuck-the drivers lit cigarettes, adding tobacco pollution to petrol pollution. The cars moved again, we gained three feet, then the red lights flashed and everything stopped again.
4. A previously unknown small-town girl is the new sensation in the best director’s latest movie. The road rises before her and she will never be that person again. What troubles her now is the sense that everything could change from one moment to the next. How can she make sure that the miracle of today continues tomorrow? What guarantee does she have that all the promises made earlier will ever be met? She has often before stood outside before some magnificent door, some fantastic opportunity, and dreamed for days and weeks about the possibility that her life might change forever, only to fine, in the end, that the phone didn’t ring, or that her CV was mislaid, or that the director would call and offer his apologies, and tell her that they’d found someone more suitable for the part.
5. At dusk, a band arrived at Kanwar Jit’s home playing a traditional song on the shehnai, a reed instrument thought to bring good luck. A white horse covered with a brown patterned rug came, too; Kanwar Jit would ride it to Kuldeep’s home. But before he set off, his sisters covered his face with a sehra, several tassels of gold arranged with flowers that hung from his turban. Then Kanwar Jit mounted the horse and, surrounded with his family, rode to his destination, the band leading the way. At her home, Kuldeep stood at the front door singing hymns with her family. Her face was covered by an ornately decorated veil given to her by Kanwar Jit’s mother. When the procession arrived, shehnai blaring and drum beating, Kanwar Jit and Kuldeep exchanged garlands of roses and jasmine.
6. The white water at the foot of the dam was deep. Before I could finish baiting, a trout jumped at the falls, making a lovely arc and disappearing into the water that was thundering down. I put on a good-sized sinker and dropped into the white water close to the edge of the timbers of the dam. I did not feel the first trout strike. When I started to pull up, I felt that I had one, brought him, fighting and bending the rod almost double, out of the boiling water at the foot of the falls, and swung him up and onto the dam. He was a good trout. As soon as I baited up and dropped in again, I hooked another and brought him in the same way. In a little while I had six.
7. Switching on the light in the nursery, Evelyn found Julie tossing feverishly and giving out odd little cries. She put her had against her cheeks. They were burning. With an exclamation she followed her arm down under the cover until she found her hand. Julie’s whole thumb was swollen to the wrist and in the center was a little inflamed sore. She rushed to the phone. Doctor Martin across the street was out. Doctor Foulke, their family physician, didn’t answer. After fifteen minutes of calling here and there she managed to locate a physician who sounded angry and sulky at being called out of bet. She ran back to the nursery and looking at her hand, found it was somewhat more swollen. She knelt beside the bed and began smoothing back Julie’s hair over and over.
8. For several hours I lay there wide awake. At last I must have fallen into a troubled doze; and slowly waking from it, I opened my eyes, and the before sun-lit room was now wrapped in outer darkness. Instantly I felt a shock running through all my frame; nothing was to be seen, and nothing was to be heard; but a supernatural hand seemed placed in mine. My arm hung over the bedspread, and the nameless, unimaginable, silent form or phantom, to which the hand belonged, seemed closely seated by my bedside. For what seemed ages piled on ages, I lay there, frozen with the most awful silence, not daring to drag away my hand; yet ever thinking that if I could but stir it one single inch, the bad spell would be broken.


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