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[Zoom In] Kate and Joan, who had not seen each other for three months, were chatting happily in Joan's apartment. After a short conversation, Joan went to prepare coffee. Soon she came back with the cups and saucers and put them down on a small side table. While Joan was looking for a tablecloth, Kate was wandering around the room looking at the pictures on the walls. Intent on one of the pictures, she took a step back and hit the small table, tipping it over. All the cups and saucers were broken. Kate felt guilty for her negligence. As she helped Joan clean up, she tried to think of a way to compensate her for the damage. Later, Joan mentioned that she was looking for volunteers to work in a fair she was organizing Although Kate had something important to do on that particular Sunday, she decided to cancel her plans and volunteer to help Joan.

1.  Michelle did not like the way her mother was always putting pressure on her to get married. She especially didn't like it when her mom did this in front of other people. That really hurt Michelle, so she finally confronted her mother in a private chat. She told her mom that she really wanted to get married, just as much as her mom wanted her to. However, Michelle warned her mother that when she brought up this issue in front of other people, she was making Michelle ever more resistant to the idea of marriage. Michelle told her mother that she would be happy to discuss this one-on-one with her. Michelle's mother was relieved to know that her daughter was seriously looking for a partner, and she did not want to rock the boat. Things got better after the talk, even though there were occasional lapses.

2.  I conducted an interview with a woman who was thought to be a witness to a serious crime. For hours the interview was going nowhere; it was frustrating and tedious. She revealed no significant behaviors. However, I did notice she jiggled her foot all the time. This behavior was of no consequence until I asked the question, "Do you know Mrs. Dowey?" Immediately upon hearing that question, and even though she didn't answer, the woman's foot went from jiggling to an up-and-down kicking motion. I instinctively knew Mrs. Dowey had a negative effect on her. It was a significant indicator that she had been at the scene of the crime with the interviewee. In further questioning, she later admitted that Mrs. Dowey had involved her in the crime. Her leg-kick reaction was a critical clue to me that there was something more to explore.

3.  Most people believe that babies understand many more words than they can say. Consider what happened in Alicia's family to convince her parents of this fact: Alicia, an elfin blue-eyed 14-month-old, was playing in the family room adjacent to the kitchen after dinner while her mother and father enjoyed a late dinner together. The grown-ups were talking about a rug store that was having a sale. Dad asked Mom how she knew this, and she said, "I read it in the newspaper." At that very moment Alicia stopped what she was doing and ran to the basket in the kitchen where the daily newspapers were kept. She dragged one of the sections out of the basket and brought it over to the kitchen table to her parents. Mom and Dad looked at each other in shock.

4.  Mary Wulff-Tilford and her husband, Gregory Tilford rely on Mother Nature to prevent a flea infestation at their three-pet home. Two to three times a year, they stock their yard with flea larvae-eating worms that are directly from some garden supply stores. They add fresh garlic to their pet's food bowls as well as essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6. They brew tea made from freshly picked and chopped chrysanthemums and serve it as a treat. They spray their window screens with a bottle of distilled water containing several drops of bitter orange essential oil; fleas hate the scents. "Treating the entire environment, inside and outside, is critical," adds Mary. "People think that fleas spend most their time on animals, but they don't. They leap, feed, and leave and spend most of their time in the carpets, couches, and floors."

5.  When Michelangelo was putting the final touches on a statue, Soderini, Florence's mayor, entered the studio. He studied the huge work, and told Michelangelo that the nose of the statue was too big. Michelangelo realized that Soderini was standing in a place right under the giant figure and did not have the proper perspective. He gestured for Soderini to follow him up the scaffolding. Reaching the nose, he picked up his chisel, as well as a bit of marble dust. With Soderini just a few feet below him on the scaffolding, Michelangelo started to tap lightly with the chisel, letting the bits of dust he had gathered in his hand fall little by little. He actually did nothing to change the nose, but gave every appearance of working on it. After a few minutes, he stood aside and said, "Look at it now." "I like it better." replied Soderini, "You've made it come alive."

6.  David Hume owned a house in Edinburgh. He rented it to his fried James Boswell, who in turn sublet it to a subtenant. The subtenant decided that the house needed some repairs. He hired a contractor to do the work, without consulting Hume. The contractor made the repairs and sent the bill to Hume. He refused to pay on the grounds that he hadn't consented. He hadn't hired the contractor. The case went to the court. The contractor acknowledged that he didn't make a contract with Hume. But the house needed the repairs, and he performed them. Hume told the court. "This is not a good excuse, because by the same rule he may go through any house in Edinburgh, and do what he thinks proper to be done without the owner's consent." But his defense failed, and the court ordered Hume to pay because he eventually benefited from the work of the contractor.

7.  For Indian women cow dung is regarded as a superior cooking fuel because it burns with a clean, slow, long-lasting flame that doesn't scorch the food. This enables the Indian housewife to start cooking her meals and to leave them unattended for several hours while she performs other chores. Cow dung has one other major function. Mixed with water and made into a paste, it is used as a household flooring material. Smeared over a dirt floor and left to harden into a smooth surface, it keeps the dust down and can be swept clean with a broom. In the country of India every bit of cow dung is carefully collected because of its many useful properties. A village's small children are given the task of following the family cow around and of bringing home its daily fecal out put.

8.  There was once a wrestling master who was versed in 360 skills. He came to like one of his pupils, to whom he taught 359 skills over a period of time. As months went by the young man became so proficient in the art that he defeated every other player. He was so proud that one day he boasted before the king that he could readily beat his master. The king became upset at his irreverence and ordered an immediate match. At the gong the youth pushed forward with a yell, only to be confronted with unfamiliar 360th technique. The master seized his former pupil and flung him to the ground. When the king asked the master how he was able to win, the master confessed that he had reserved a secret technique for himself for such a contingency.


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