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<17, Nov. (월) 2008>

There were around 30,000 displaced children when the United Nations children`s Fund (UNICEF) began its back to school campaign in Georgia a few weeks ago. Since then, the situation has stabilized and most of the children and their families have returned to the homes they fled during the brief war. However, Georgian authorities say some 10,000 children are not yet able to return to their homes and remain displaced. UNICEF aid workers who were able to visit villages there report schooling has not yet begun because conditions are still unsafe.

According to statistics, roughly half of the Korean populations is affiliated to one religion or another. The most popular religions in Korea are Buddhism and Christianity. Those two religions have the most number of followers, but there are slightly more Buddhists than there are Christians. Among christians, there are more protestants than catholics. Some include Confucianism as a religion, too, but Confucianism is more of a "way of life" as opposed to a religion because there is no real goal in the "afterlife." The different religions in Korea basically get along with each other pretty well. There are many cases where even in one family the father is a christian whereas the mother is a Buddhist.

Brad Ivy, have you seen Mr. Woolery? I really need to talk to him about something.
Do you know where he is? He`s not in his office.
Ivy He`s outside in the parking lot, but I wouldn`t go see him just yet.
Brad Why not?
Ivy You know his beloved Ferrari? Somehow Anna managed to drive up onto it
with her Jeep.
Brad Up onto it?
Ivy I`m not sure what happened, but the rear of her Jeep is on the front of his
car with her rear tires all the way up his trunk.
Brad Oh, my Gosh! That`s awesome!
Ivy Brad, this is not something to celebrate over. Mr. Woolery is out there and
his face is all red and it looks like he`s going to pop a blood vessel.

<18, Nov. (화) 2008>

I would day society is dependent upon white lies in many ways. In the movie "Liar Liar" starring Jim Carrey, we were shown what would happen if these harmless lies were eliminated. Are all "white lies" harmless? I would say no. I would say that the white lies designed to protect others from being offended or hurt can be necessary. In many situations, it is much better to lie a little to make someone feel better than to be brutrally honest. However, if white lies are used to gain an advantage for oneself or to deceive other, I would say that we would be better off without them. White lies will always be around, and they do serve a purpose. We just have to make sure they truly are "white."

The unification Ministry said that it will cost about 14.3 trillion won to implement the projects agreed on by former president Roh Moo-hyun and North Korean leader Kim Jong-il during the second inter-Korean summit in Pyongyang in 2007. The ministry`s estimate includes 8.67 trillion won to support the building of infrastructure; 3.3 trillion won for the second phase of the construction of Kaesong Industrial Complex; 1,143 billion won to build a special peace and cooperation zone in the West Sea area; and 123 billion won for agricultural cooperation projects.

Brad This is classic! Oh, this is the best ever! I gotta go see this!
Ivy I wouldn`t if I were you. I think it`s wise to give Mr. Woolery a very wide berth
for the time being.
Brad Well, so, what do you think? Are Anna`s days numbered?
Ivy Mr. Woolery is not so shallow as to fire someone for, ah, a fender bender
Brad That was no fender bender, Ivy. That was... it was beyond incredible.
Charlie says he`s going to put a picture of it in the Weekly Newsletter.
Ivy If he does, he might be in more trouble than Anna. what she did was an
accident. Putting a picture of that in the Newsletter would be on purpose
and I don`t think Mr. Woolery would find that very funny.
Brad Charlie certainly does. He says he`s going to post it on the Internet, too.
Ivy Is he insane? He`s putting the nails in his own coffin!

<19, Nov. (수) 2008>

A new report has determined that current measures to prevent and reduce ocean debris are inadequate and the problem will likely worsen. The report says the international maritime community should adopt a goal of "zero discharge" into the ocean. Keith Criddle, chair of the committee that wrote the 166-page report, says "despite all the regulations over the last 20 years, there are still large quantities of waste and litter in the oceans." His National Research Council committee was formed to assess the effectiveness of international and national measures to prevent and reduce marine debris and its impact.

With the hectic lifestyle here in Korea, the times I relax at home are very precious to me. There are a number of things to do to help me enjoy that time. When given the chance, I choose to sleep in as much as possible. I have been known to sleep past noon when the opportunity presents itself. I have to catch up on my sleep because I barely get five hours` sleep on the weekdays.

When finally awake, I usually spend time on my computer surfing the web, posting things on my blog, and e-mailing friends. When I`m done with that my cable TV provides me with countless channels to flip through. If there`s nothing interesting on TV, I often watch a DVD or something. Sometimes when I feel like some human interaction, I call up a friend and chat. Although I feel like I`m just killing time at home, I really need those moments to get my mind off of things.

Charlie Ivy, do you like Anna? I mean, as a person?
Ivy She`s a little too driven, but otherwise she`s all right. Why?
Charlie I don`t know. I guess I just had her pegged all wrong.
Ivy How so?
Charlie Well, like how she got Toby fired. I didn`nt know she was in the habit of
singing like a canary every time somebody does something wrong.
Ivy It all worked out for Toby in the end anyway.
Charlie I know, But I suppose she thought she was doing the right thing.
Ivy Why are you still dwelling on that? It was two months ago.

<20, Nov. (목) 2008>

I think that retirement should not be the end of one`s productive life. Hopefully when I retire, I`ll be financially secure. If money is a problem, then life after retirement will be tough. That`s why I`m planning ahead financially for life after retirement. I also want to be socially active after I retire. I would try to get together with friends and family as much as I can. I hope to travel and see more of the world.

Even though I won`t officially be employed, I would like to keep working. Perhaps I will do some volunteer work or hold a part-time job doing something interesting and rewarding. I would also exercise regularly so that I can maintain a healthy life after retirement. I believe that retirement will simply be another chapter in my life, and I should make the most out of it!

EU lawmakers voted to cut in half an ambitious target to use crop-based biofuels for 10 percent of its road transport needs by 2020. The vote deals a blow to climate change goals agreed by EU leaders last year to try to cut carbon dioxide emissions. Environmental groups had criticized the EU`s 10 percent biofuels use target, claiming it harmed effort to fight global poverty and caused deforestation. The biofuels target is part of an ambitious climate change package. The overall aim is for the EU to draw 20 percent of all its energy from renewable sources by 2020 - up from 8.5 percent now.

Charlie It`s just that I really liked Anna as a person in the beginning, but now I`m
not so sure.
Ivy Listen, Charlie, it`s not a rule that you have to like everyone you work
with. I don`t like you, for example, yet we work together fine.
Charlie What?
Ivy I`m just kidding, Charlie.
Charlie Gosh!
Ivy Haha, sorry, Charlie. Oh, the nurses are here.
Charlie What nurses?
Ivy The nurses that are going to give us the drug test today.

<21, Nov. (금) 2008>
If you have any apprehensions about using the Korean public transportation system for the first time, have no fear. It is one of the most efficient and easy-touse systems in the world. The subway system, especially in Seoul, is laid out very simply and is very user-friendly. Unlike the New York subway system, there is only one train per track. There is no need to check which train has just arrived. Just make sure you are on the platform heading in the right direction. The subway maps also are easy to read and different lines are in different colors. In the Seoul area, the subway covers the entire city and will also take you to other cities throughout Gyeonggi province. The bus system in major Korean cities is also very well-organized. As there are designated bus lanes, the buses can sometimes get you to places more quickly than in a car or taxi. Best of all, the fares for bothy the subway and buses are much cheaper than (in) other major cities around the world.

The creators are calling it as one of the coolest hostels in the world. It undoubtedly is one of the most novel overnight stays you are ever likely to experience. Jumbo Hostel is an old Boeing 747 which is being converted into a 25-room hostel at the Stockholm air port. Stripping out all the old equipment and instruments started earlier this year. The final phase of refurbishment is nearing completion on the plane which used to carry more than 350 passengers. Jumbo Hostel is scheduled to open for business in December 2008 and will brovide accommodation for up to 85 guests.

Charlie (To himself) Why do I have to get a drug test? I`m clean!
nurse Ok, everyone. So, a nurse will accompany you one at a time into
the bathroom. You`ll fill the cup to this line here, and give it to the nurse
who will seal it with this red tape, and you`ll then initial the tape.
Charlie Why do we have to be drug tested anyway? Doesn`t Mr. Woolery trust us?
nurse As far as I know, it`s not coming from him. He has to do it, too.
Now, do we have any questions before we begin?
Charlie Can I take a rain check? I didn`t know about this and just went to
the bathroom a few minutes ago.
nurse The nurses are only here today. I suggest drinking a lot of water and
letting everyone else go first.
Charlie Also, I don`t know if I like the idea of a lady in the bathroom with me.
I`ll get stage fright and won`t be able to go.
nurse The hospital sent one male nurse and one female nurse, so don`t worry
about that. If there are no further questions, let`s begin.

<22, Nov. (토) 2008>

Gina Oh, I can`t stand that man who is smoking right next to us.
Kristy I know.
Gina It`s pretty amazing how inconsiderate he is about us nonsmokers.
Kristy Doesn`t he know how bad second-hand smoke is for people?
Gina I ques not. He may have chosen to poison himself, but does he have to
kill others, too?
Kristy Think about his poor wife and kids! They probably have to smell that
disgusting odor all day long! Can you imagine living with a smoker
who smokes at home?
Gina Heck, no! The house would stink so much. And what kind of message
would that send to your children?
Kristy Yeah, they would probably grow up smoking, too, perhaps at a younger
Gina Ugh! Smoke just went into my eyes. What a bastard!
Kristy Really? Are you okay? Yeah, he`s now puffing right in our face. I wish
they would ban smoking on the streets - especially at bus stops.
Gina Tell be about it. Well, Korea is moving in that direction. Smoking at
restaurants was banned by law a few years ago.
Kristy But don`t people still smoke in bars or other places that sell alcohol,
Gina Yes, they do I don`t think they`ve gotten that far, yet. But it is
fortunate that a major anti-smoking campaign was launched throughout
Korea a few years ago. Hopefully people will get the message and
Kristy Well, in the meantime, I wish there were more laws to protect
Gina You`re right. Oh, here`s our bus. Let`s get away from this guy!

A couple in the United Kingdom has been reunited with their missing cat after nine years. Dixie, a 15-year-old cat, disappeared in 1999 and her owners thought she had been killed by a car. The cat was found less than half a mile from her home after a concerned resident reported that a skinny cat had been in the area for a couple of months. Officials checked the cat`s microchip and confirmed it was Dixie. She was returned to her owners within half an hour.

Furious rail commuters in Argentina set fire to a train because of delays during the morning rush hour. Television images showed black smoke and flames engulfing the train at a station near Buenos Aires. Passengers also hurled stones at the ticket office, saying that the delays, caused by a broken-down train, had cost them a day`s work. Argentina`s dilapidated rail system is plagued by delays and travelers`s anger sometimes erupts into violence.


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